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We are 100% volunteer and all contributions go directly to serve our clients thanks to the generous donation of time by more than 100 volunteers as well as the generous support of individuals indicating Tri-Cities Food Bank on the United Way, caring businesses throughout the Tri-Cities, community organizations, and scores of individuals.

PNNL Team Leads Donation Blitz, Raises $4.5k in 24 Hours


A team from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory led a fund raising blitz as part of a two day capstone project for their Project Management training program. They reached out via phone, email, text, social media, and flyers to encourage folks to donate now. This resulted in more than $4,500 raised in only 24 hours. Amazing!

Holiday Hunger Blitz


The Pride of Giving

The spirit of giving is alive and well in our Tri-Cities of Washington. I see this every day at each of our three food banks. Two things amaze me most. First is the giving by people who could actually use our services of providing nourishment at no cost. There are so many who make special trips to the food bank (sometimes by bus) to donate what they can. This is truly a moving experience for me. Second is the ingenuity of some of our donors. Last week we received over $500 from a family whose children put on a bake sale from their house. The results were amazing but the smile of the children’s faces and their proud mother was priceless. I could go on but I will end by saying that giving seems to yield such positive energy from those giving as well as those receiving… If you don’t believe me, just ask any of our volunteers…


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