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We are a 100% volunteer organization, thanks to the generous donation of time by almost 200 volunteers. All financial contributions go directly to serve our clients. Financial support comes from individuals indicating Tri-Cities Food Bank on United Way, caring businesses throughout the Tri-Cities, community organizations, and scores of individuals. We couldn’t do what we do, without you – thank you!

February Newsletter is up!

As of February, we are posting a Food Bank Newsletter every month. Go to the newsletter page and check it out! We will feature a volunteer and a community member every month, as well as a note from the Food Bank Executive Director, Bill Kitchen.

PNNL Team Leads Donation Blitz, Raises $4.5k in 24 Hours


A team from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory led a fund raising blitz as part of a two day capstone project for their Project Management training program. They reached out via phone, email, text, social media, and flyers to encourage folks to donate now. This resulted in more than $4,500 raised in only 24 hours. Amazing!

Holiday Hunger Blitz



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