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We are a 100% volunteer organization, thanks to the generous donation of time by almost 200 volunteers. All financial contributions go directly to serve our clients. Financial support comes from individuals indicating Tri-Cities Food Bank on United Way, caring businesses throughout the Tri-Cities, community organizations, and scores of individuals. We couldn’t do what we do, without you – thank you!



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Volunteer accolades

We recently asked our Site Managers to nominate exceptional volunteers for a special accolade, and to tell us why these particular volunteers stand out.  This was a difficult task because we know that ALL of our volunteers are wonderful from the moment they first walk through the door and say “I want to help.”

With only a few days to think about it the following staff were put forward:

Lauren (Kennewick volunteer) is energetic, willing and anxious to try any task, a quick study, trustworthy and a hard worker. She executes with very little direction, and is a joy to work with.  She is one of our newest volunteers and one of the few new ones that comes in regularly. She is in the building early and stays after closing helping with set up and restocking for the next day. She stepped up and took on the meat issue while the volunteer who usually handles that task is away. One of the hardest working volunteers and always cheerful and ready to pitch in no matter what the task. Sorts potatoes, onions, and apples, cleans tables and bags meat with no complaints.

Kathe (West Richland volunteer) is dedicated, faithful, concerned about the clients (and their families) needs, especially in relation to protein (our most limited commodity).

Deisy (West Richland volunteer). On top of college and working, she continues to be faithful in supporting intake position.  Her dedication to the clients and ensuring the paperwork is correct have helped immensely, especially at month-end report time.

Ed (Benton City and West Richland volunteer).  When Ed sees something that needs to be done in the warehouse, he does it quietly and thoroughly.  He took it upon himself to clean the gutters of the building.  He is willing to go in and be at the site to meet with maintenance/repairs representatives as needed (i.e. garage door, freezer, etc).  He took over our monthly freezer inventory which is a big load off my hands.  He contributes in deciding which products to distribute weekly.  His attention to details is amazing.  He is a good worker all around.

Glen (Kennewick volunteer) is the one that we can always count on, no matter what we ask him to do, he always does it and never complains and we ask a lot from him.  He has a wacky sense of humor and is often able to smooth over tense situations between other entities.  He treats the clients with respect and never appears to get upset with anyone no matter how abusive they can become.  He is a wonderful teacher and is more than willing to share his knowledge and repeat things over and over until some of us that are slow learners get it.
He does setup, intake, distribution, warehousing, drives weekdays and weekends and best of all will always clean and mop the floors and always with a smile.
He comes in on his days off and will spend as much time as he needs to help out.  He answers my computer problems so I am not always running to the Central Office, and they should be really grateful for that.  Like I said before we ask a lot of him but he always is there for us and that counts for an awful lot.

Jonny (Kennewick volunteer) even though he works long hours at his regular job, he comes in and helps at the CSF warehouse and the Kennewick branch, and comes in another day each week to go with a driver on a run to pick-up and deliver food to our branch.


We greatly appreciate ALL our volunteers and the work they do.  They are the heart and soul of the Tri-Cities Food Bank and we could not complete our mission without them.


Central Office
420 W. Deschutes Avenue
Call for Central Office hours
(509) 582-0411

Benton City
712 N. 10th Street
Wed 10:30 to 12:30 AM
Thurs 12-2:00 PM and 6-8 PM
(509) 588-5454

424 W. Deschutes Avenue
9:30 AM to 11:30 AM Weekdays
(509) 586-0688

321 Wellsian Way
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM Weekdays
(509) 943-2795

West Richland
4096-F Van Giesen Ave
Thurs 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Sat 10 AM to Noon
(509) 554-1926

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